Teddy Bear Gifts

Remember that cuddly stuffed teddy bear you loved so much when you were a kid? You shared all your secrets with him and he never told a soul. That teddy bear was your trusted and true companion. He was your very best friend. Well, he's back! He lives at Grand Canyon Teddy Bear Village. And he's brought all his cute teddy bear friends with him. One of our teddy bears is the perfect answer for those times when only a hug will do. Our teddy bear friends give comfort and encouragement without saying a word.

Well, he’s back! And you can share him and all his friends with those that you love.  Make him (or her) yours today or give one of them as a gift to that very special person.

Some of our most popular Teddy Bear Gifts are:

Cowboy Teddy Bear Chef Teddy Bear business man teddy bear Biker Teddy Bear fireman-teddy-bear police-bear-150
Cowboy Teddy Bear Chef Teddy Bear Business Man (or Woman)
Teddy Bear
Biker Bear Fireman Teddy Bear Policeman
Teddy Bear
sockhop-bear-150 nurse-bear-150 jockey-bear-sm Pilot Teddy Bear golfing teddy bear
Sock Hop Bear 
with poodle skirt
 Nurse Teddy Bear  English Rider
Teddy Bear
Pilot Teddy Bear Golfing Teddy Bear
Bear in Bathrobe - Spa Bear Captain Teddy Bear tennis-teddy-bears Railroad engineer
 Teddy Bear in Bathrobe
Spa Teddy Bear
 Captain Teddy Bear  Tennis Teddy Bears Train Engineer Bear
Railroad Teddy Bear