Your Best Friend from Yesteryear is Back and Needs Hugs

Teddy bEar being hugged

Remember that cuddly teddy bear
you loved so much 

when you were a kid?

You shared all your secrets with him and he never told a soul.
That teddy bear was your trusted and true companion.
He was your very best friend!

Well, he's back! And you can share him and all his friends with those that you love. 
Make him (or her) yours today or give one of them as a gift to that very special person.

Unique Teddy Bear Gifts - Select Yours Today!

Teddy Bear gifts are popular because they provide comfort, nostalgia and security.  They are a timeless symbol of love and comfort that make you feel warm and secure.  They are a reminder of our childhood when things were simpler and you could use your imagination to transform a teddy into a magical special friend that would keep your secrets, love you unconditionally, and always be there for you when you needed him

The need for such a friend is never outgrown.

Teddy bears have a personality.  They seem almost human and seem to come alive.  You can talk to them, tell your innermost secrets.  Even though they seem almost human, they ack the human quality of being able to hurt or disappoint you.

Teddy bears are used with children at times of stress for these reasons.  Adults love them also for the same reasons.  Many of my orders for bears, being sent to adults, are a way to express concern, love and showing that someone cares.  The career/professional bears are oftentimes sent to encourage someone to follow a dream to become a fireman, doctor, nurse, or whatever.

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